The future of Chinese-US economic relations

  • Muhanned Hamed Mahdi Anbar University / College of Law and Political Science


The economic file is one of the most important axes of the relationship between the United States of America and China, and economic and trade relations are witnessing a stable development, as the United States is the first trading partner of China and according to some statistics, “Chinese exports to the United States amounted to 21% of total Chinese exports, and the volume of trade exchange has reached Between them amounted to more than six hundred billion US dollars in 2016. The United States relies heavily on China to spend its treasury bonds, as China is the largest investor in these bonds, and despite this, some controversial issues arise between the two countries related to Chinese monetary policies and the decline in the Chinese currency. Against the dollar, and China's protest against some protectionist economic policies against US imports from China, and others. Current expectations indicate that Sino-American trade relations may enter into a crisis that would amount to a collision in economic and political currents, as a result of pressures resulting from job losses in the American production sector, which prompted the US administration to impose tariffs and other protection measures on Chinese exports, and to include commodities. Other in the quotas more than what is stipulated in the World Trade Organization agreements, and in order to compensate for other commodities such as auto parts and household appliances, and more than that is the acquiescence of the American administration to the demand to follow the same methods used in China in order to make American goods more capable of The competition with its Chinese counterpart, and in fact, these US trade measures will have a major impact on the Chinese economy, which has close ties with the US economy.

Dec 16, 2020
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