Libya in the Turkish strategic perception

  • Mohammed Mundher Jalal Iraqi University / College of Law and Political Science


Turkey has economic, political, and military motives in its intervention in Libya. Africa is a very important continent for the supply of Turkish goods and goods, and the Turkish presence in the eastern Mediterranean is not related to gas reserves, but rather its main motive is related to regional sovereignty. The Turkish maritime policy appears in its “blue homeland” doctrine, from which the Ankara Memorandum 2019 was inspired by, and which was formulated 13 years ago, that is, before the gas discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey has found in Libya the appropriate opportunity to enter Europe strongly through economic and humanitarian files (concerning immigrants) in an attempt to put pressure on the countries of the eastern Mediterranean, and Turkey, based on its geographical and strategic location, the Ottoman past and recent economic growth, considers itself as a heavy regional power that deserves a rising position in politics International, which gave it the opportunity to promote itself as an attractive regional model that outperforms all Arab and Islamic regimes.

Jul 8, 2021
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