Iraq and normalization with "Israel" after 2020 : "Possible and Impossible"

  • Salah Mahdi Hadi Nahrain University / College of Political Science


As "Israel" continues to normalize with Arab countries, interest in the name of (Iraq) came not only from the perspective of the region's common Arab identity (religiously, geographically, ethnically, and historically), but also through counting it as a regional power and one of the main pillars in the region, and the weight of the regional balance In a region witnessing exciting movements, interactions and polarizations, considering that Iraq was the center of this regional balance as well as the international and through its historical stages. Perhaps referring to the name of Iraq formed a negative impact and shock at the Iraqi and external levels of the Arab region, which has always remembered the history of this country and its heroism in the Arab wars with the Zionist entity, in addition to being the first Arab country to bomb "Israel" in 1991 AD, especially after the sensational statements from Officials in the Iraqi state regarding the possibility of normalization and the conclusion of a peace agreement between Iraq and "Israel".

Jul 8, 2021
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