Civic education and its role in promoting citizenship: an intellectual vision

  • Tariq A. ALzuidi University of Baghdad / College of Political Science


The role of education in the context of political science is often neglected. Rather, when writing about it, some consider it outside the specialization, while the opposite is true, that education, in particular civic education, is part of the competence of the field of political science and political thought in particular, and within the framework of this research was done After that, civic education dealt with an important pillar of strengthening the desired citizenship, which all contemporary democratic systems seek to achieve.

The necessities of the existence of civic education today have become more than ever, due to the dispersion in non-national loyalties (religious, national and sectarian), especially Arab and Islamic societies, as this type of education has become an immediate treatment and a future vaccine for most types of diseases. Social education (sectarianism - racism - and others), and it is possible to activate or create civic education through family upbringing and educational and educational institutions, and most importantly, it is possible to benefit from the Islamic religious necessity that called for civic education indirectly by affirming the Sharia on rejecting The priesthood and theocracy that emerged in the West, and therefore the appropriate alternative and specific opposite to it is civic education.

Jul 9, 2021
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