The Social Hypnosis and Political Rotation: A Critical Study

  • Salah Hassan Ahmed University of Kirkuk / College of Law & Political Sciences


The value system and social culture including  the customs, tradition, values, rituals and poems play an effective role in directing human behavior specify its paths and direction especially in traditional societies to the extent that people act in their lives in according social culture in their societies and this is what social hypnosis. Most people hold on to their cultural heritage for being holy to them. The social education and the imitation process, in addition to the fanaticism and self- conviction, it plays a well- known role in this filed. The reason for the spread of the phenomenon of social hypnosis in the societies mentioned because it lacks constructive criticism and the desired social change because of the poor collective awareness and limited thinking of the majority people. Politicians aspiring to power use sacred things to gain judgment although these politician have proven their failure to run the state and society. The political recycling process  takes place in countries that advocate the principle of components, not the principle of citizenship. There are various forms of the political rotation process , including horizontal political rotation means transferring the politician from one metaphorical center to another metaphorical center with the same political status in terms of level and rank of position. Such as moving a person from a center of  this ministry to the center of the another ministry.

Jul 12, 2021
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