Cyber terrorism (models of international efforts to reduce it)

  • Raji Youssef Al-Bayati Kirkuk University/ College of Law and Political Science


This study aims to identify cyber terrorism, which represents one of the types of cyber or space conflicts, so that terrorist activities that have moved to cyberspace in order to carry out their attacks, as these organizations benefited from the development taking place in the information revolution in the means of communication and information, with all that it carries. Of the problems and complications in these activities. So that the current era can be described as “the age of cyberspace” and cyber terrorism is one of the most important new and dangerous security threats, which threatens the international community politically, economically and socially. Wars, As international security in the era of globalization has become threatened at all levels, and electronic terrorism is one of the new and dangerous security threats, as terrorist organizations are exploiting the digital space as an arena for conflict, influence and polarization, so the international community represented by many countries is trying hard to stand in front of those Threats, which will be addressed in this study, especially after many countries have been exposed to cyber-attacks, behind which are countries or terrorist organizations.

Jul 15, 2022
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