Building the Iraqi civil state after 2003

  • . Sura Hashem Mohammed Northern Technical University / Kirkuk Technical Institute


The existing state is defined as the state of institutions based on law, equality and freedom, in which citizenship is respected, and plurality of religions and sects are allowed, and in which all citizens are equal in rights and duties, as the individual exercises his rights and obtains his duties without discrimination on the basis of race or color. Or language, and all members of society cooperate in the civil state to reach a safe life for all.

   The emergence of the concept of the civil state is the result of a historical development witnessed by human societies, which was enshrined in Greek philosophy, which sought to stand against the ruling authority in Greece by paying attention to the development of ideas of civilization, so that the ideas of the civil state spread among societies and to the rest of European countries.

Jul 19, 2022
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