Technological Development and its Impact on Generations of Wars in International Relations 

  • Abbas Saadoun Refaat College of Political Science - Al-Nahrain University


International relations have been witnessing important developments for several decades، under the influence of an actor of technology. The foundations and principles of relations between states are undergoing transformations، including the shift in the meaning of sovereignty، the predominance of the pragmatic character، and the shift in the uses of: direct power، influence، and influence.

One of the manifestations of international relations today is resorting to war، not in the form of traditional wars in which the warring parties can be known. Rather، countries، especially the major ones، have developed generations of wars، enabling them to reduce costs and have a greater impact. Less international responsibility is observed، as they are wars that are practiced in hidden ways، but the result in them is: effect and this can only be achieved through great progress in the technology that states use، in their relations with each other. The value that can be associated with this transformation relates to the fact that: whenever a technological development takes place، the more policy makers، or even violent organizations، and non-state actors find themselves in front of greater flexibility، to resort to modern periods of war، and thus influence international relations. But it doesn’t mean remove classic war

Sep 30, 2022
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