Ethiopian Alnahdha Dam "A Study of the Conflicts and Challenges"

  • Ismail Thyab Khaleel College of Law and Political Science / University of Diyala


The issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is one of the important international issues that topped the international political scene for the second decade of the twenty-first century because of its political, economic and environmental repercussions on the two downstream countries, especially Egypt, which has become a challenge to its water and food security and increases its economic burdens, and it has taken place since the year 2011, several negotiating rounds between Ethiopia on the one hand and the downstream countries (Egypt and Sudan) on the other hand to settle the crisis of establishing the Renaissance Dam, but they did not reach any results or compromise solutions. As a result of the policy of procrastination and procrastination that Ethiopia adopted in its negotiations with Egypt and Sudan in order to gain time to complete the Renaissance Dam project and without committing itself to any agreement, as it considers the project to build the dam a national demand with political, economic and security dimensions, and what has worsened the situation is foreign interventions in supporting The Ethiopian position against Egypt, which weakened the latter's negotiating position to settle the crisis.

Sep 30, 2022
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