Future Visions of the Syrian Political System after (2019)

  • Yasir Ahmed Khalaf College of Dentistry/ Tikrit University


In the midst of the discussion about any political system، we see adherence to the military and police nature، and this is what we are trying to study about the structure of the political system in Syria because the regime chose the path of military security، and during the Syrian crisis the political system overturned because of repression and dependence on it and as a military solution to the regional and international crisis in which the forces cannot reach Regional and international solutions to be agreed upon by the various Syrian political forces. With the means of physical coercion of the regime، political and economic capabilities، as well as international and regional powers that do not support change in Syria and see it as a negative impact on themselves، such as Russia، China، Iran and more recently the United States of America under the Trump and Biden government، this matter shows that the survival of the regime is the only and conditional solution.

Sep 30, 2022
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