The role of universities in activating legal culture and spreading peaceful coexistence

  • Hanan Ali Ibrahim Bayan University / Erbil - Kurdistan Region
  • Ala Baha Omar Bayan University / Erbil - Kurdistan Region


Legal culture is an urgent need for the societies that the countries and governments seek to activate in light of the major transformations witnessed by life throughout all its fields, and the concept of peaceful coexistence in its various aspects embodies the concept of harmony between the members of the same society with their different national, religious and sectarian affiliations as well as their tendencies and reflections. The process of moving societies from the state of backwardness to a new improved situation is done through the creation of new intellectual, practical and living patterns, the knowledge revolution has a large role in them, and universities as a whole in terms and roles are not immune to this transformation. Therefore, academic institutions must play a bigger role in the educational process through the development of society, the formation of generations and the expansion of cultural and scientific knowledge, for it is a key factor in achieving a sustainable development in society and moving them from a state of conflict and contradiction to a state of coexistence and harmony, and work on transferring the correct legal culture to the new generations that is capable of understanding the correct teachings for the service and development of society in all its social, economic and political aspects to reach a peaceful coexisting community.

May 11, 2019
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