Iraq in the face of ideas and terrorist planner s and the challenges of the future after ISIS defeated

  • Shams Abd Harfesh Tikrit University- college of Dentistry


The phenomenon of terrorism is one of the most important issues on the Arab and international arena because of its importance related to security and stability. Terrorism is a means to confuse civil regimes and individuals by using all the mechanisms of intimidation, killing, kidnapping and plundering of wealth. Iraq after the entry of elements of the organization calling the terrorist to Mosul in 2014, and carried out many acts of sabotage and violations of the killing and looting and control of oil refineries and agricultural land, and so after the Iraqi armed forces in cooperation with the popular crowd In order to protect the liberated lands and to cleanse them of the remnants of the unflagging war, to uncover dormant cells and to secure the borders between them and the neighboring countries. The study then posed several questions, the most important of which were the implications and political implications And the security of the phenomenon of terrorism in Iraq, as the study aimed to identify the causes of terrorism and its motives, and what solutions to eliminate the terrorist thought, and the study assumed that terrorism is not limited to a particular religion or gender or people, and the study relied on descriptive and analytical methods to reach the concept of Qabli is working to describe and analyze the problems and challenges before and after the defeat of Iraq in light of the recommendations of the proposed study.

May 11, 2019
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