The role of summit diplomacy in the peaceful settlement of disputes

  • Younes Talaat Abdul Razzaq Al Dabbagh Lebanese French University- College of Law and International Relations, Department of Diplomacy and International Relations


The summit diplomacy, which takes place at the level of the kings and presidents of the world, and at the level of the people who hold the highest political post in the state, is today a prominent feature of contemporary diplomacy. It is the distinctive character of a new and different world order based on interdependence, interdependence, integration and intertwining. The world became like a small cosmopolitan village, and because of this interdependence and diplomacy, the summit diplomacy flourished and expanded its scope of work, in a way that contributed effectively to the containment of crises and to the alleviation of conflicts between the units of the global system. Whatever dispute, by opening diplomatic horizons targeted at all levels, whether political, economic or scientific or military.

Jul 2, 2019
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