The Philosophy of Tripartite International Strategy (Law-Force-Security)

  • Hazim Hamad Mousa Al-Janabi Mosul University - College of Political Science


The research focuses on the importance of the concepts of law, power and security in the international strategy, and the definition of the role and the role of the balance of international relations or not, and show the ability to paint the strategy of the dye, and the research highlights the problem of "How far can be a relationship between law and power and security, In the ladder of international strategy? We try to answer the following main question: Which is the most used law, force or security in the international strategy?

A solution to the problem and answer to the question was based on the following hypothesis: the more the international strategy is based on force;” the more violations of international legal norms and norms; the greater the international security, the greater the threat to international security threat”.

The objective of the researcher is to define the strategic position occupied by the tripartite (Law - Power - Security) in the global strategic perception, which made bridges for it, is a theoretical choice and a necessity, and to use the analytical approach, which focuses on analysis of international politics, and to address the Most important three – International and how to interpret the movement of the international system

Mar 26, 2020
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