the future of Indian-American relations (motives and determinants)

  • Safaa Hussain Ali Kirkuk University- College of Law and Political Science


In our research this decree (the future of Indian-American relations, motives and determinants) we show the importance of international relations between the two countries as a vital relationship of increasing importance at the present time, India is one of the emerging countries that will have a great position in the international political pyramid in the next stage, as relations have witnessed The list between them has enjoyed great prosperity since the early nineties, especially after India opened its economy to the outside world, and the American administration succeeded in investing elements of its political, economic and military strength in the field of its international relations, so I made use of these ingredients, especially with the assumption of the position of the only superpower in the international arena in all its relations with Countries of the world in a way that serves their interests and strategic goals in a way that ensures their survival over other international powers .

And the existing relationship between the two countries acquires great importance, according to the group of great interests maintained by both the Indian and American parties, as both countries have a set of goals and benefits that accrue to each of them with benefits, especially if we realize that the size of the economic relationship between them is in continuous development and that India It is one of the emerging international powers that aspire to play a broad global role in light of the stage in which the United States of America sided at the top of the international political pyramid .                    

Jul 13, 2020
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