" Diplomatic competition of major countries in the Arab region"


  • Dr. Zaid Ahmed Bader General Directorate of Education in Salah al-Din Governorate.
  • Professor Dr. Riyad Mahdi Al Zubaidi Nahrain University / College of Political Science




-competition -the great powers -Arab region -Diplomacy


The phenomenon of international competition in the Arab region was reflected in the political and security transformations in the region, which the attempt to understand and analyze is due to the interventions in the Arab region in order to consolidate their influence and interests in the region, and for that they tried to invest the crises in the Arab region in order to Creating new spheres of influence or restoring previous spheres of influence, and competing countries relied heavily on diplomatic tools to create legitimacy that allows them to intervene in the region, or to exercise pressure and influence on the Arab region, in a manner that makes the course of crises and events in the region proceed according to its objectives. The events in the Arab region constituted an opportunity and a challenge for the competing international parties at the same time, as it represented an opportunity for some international powers to work to increase their influence in the Arab region at the expense of other competing international parties. These events also contributed to threatening the interests and areas of influence of other international powers. The Arab Spring revolutions The escalation of the activity of terrorist groups is one of the most prominent variables that contributed to the increase in external interference in the Arab region, as the major countries invested in a way that guarantees the achievement of their interests in the region, and despite the competing parties employing various diplomatic, economic and military tools in order to reach their goals, they relied heavily on diplomatic tools, to obtain international legitimacy, which allows it to intervene and use all tools, including military tools.



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Dr. Zaid Ahmed Bader, & Professor Dr. Riyad Mahdi Al Zubaidi. (2024). " Diplomatic competition of major countries in the Arab region". Tikrit Journal For Political Science, 1(34), 3–32. https://doi.org/10.25130/tjfps.v1i34.299

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