he renewed phenomenon of coups in Africa and French policy towards them: the Niger coup as an example


  • Assistant Professor Dr. Marwan Aouni Kamel College of Political Science, Tikrit University
  • Suhaib Abdel Samad Ismail Tikrit University / College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences




• Military coups. • Africa • French politics • Niger • Mohamed Bazoum • Military councils


 The phenomenon of coups in Africa is a political phenomenon represented by a series of events in which part of the armed forces or a group of leaders overthrows the legitimate government by non-democratic means, often through military force. This phenomenon is widespread in many countries of the African continent, and its motives range from the desire for power and personal wealth to criticism of corruption, misrule, and human rights violations. The African continent is characterized by political instability, as a result of the recurring phenomenon of coups confirmation, Military, as the West and Central African region is one of the most turbulent and uncertain regions .

Therefore, the period between 2020 -2023 witnessed eight military coups successful, which resulted in the success of the two coups in assuming power and the context he was exiled on 26/7/2023, Niger witnessed a successful military coup , through which General Abdul Rahman Chiani takes over the reins of power in Niger , it is worth noting that the deteriorating economic conditions can be considered the main reason for he is behind the recent military coup that took place in Niger.



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Assistant Professor Dr. Marwan Aouni Kamel, & Suhaib Abdel Samad Ismail. (2024). he renewed phenomenon of coups in Africa and French policy towards them: the Niger coup as an example. Tikrit Journal For Political Science, 1(34), 255–286. https://doi.org/10.25130/tjfps.v1i34.318

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