Strategy for confronting intellectual challenges from an Islamic perspective


  • Hammadi Hassan Attia College of Political Science, Tikrit University
  • Muhammad Khalil Ibrahim College of Islamic Sciences, Tikrit University



-Strategy -Confrontation -Intellectual Challenges -Islamic Perspective -Evolution of Islamic Thought -Islamic Finance, Terrorism


"Society today faces great challenges and dangerous phenomena that have often led to the loss of its cohesion and the dispersion and loss of its children on several levels, including the faith, psychological, intellectual and scientific levels, including those related to values and morals..., especially as the world is witnessing successive changes, carrying multi-directional ideas. Its owners are willing to publish it in light of the digital transformation that depends on advanced media such as the Internet and satellite channels, especially since the Islamic community is at the forefront of those targeted.




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Hammadi Hassan Attia, & Muhammad Khalil Ibrahim. (2023). Strategy for confronting intellectual challenges from an Islamic perspective. Tikrit Journal For Political Science, 3(pic4), 133–155.