UNESCO role in countering extremism and achieving peace in Iraq


  • Najwan Hani Mahmoud Mosul University / College of Political Science




- Extremism - Peace - Iraq - UNESCO - Education


Human societies suffer from the spread of the phenomenon of extremism and hatred, especially in countries immersed in wars, fighting and conflicts that always lead to a state of divisions among members of society and thus destroy peace, where the concept of peace and renunciation of extremism, which is means (a set of beliefs and ideas that go beyond what is agreed upon politically, socially and religiously, and extremism is linked to what is primarily intellectual), is closely related to the policies and trends taken by governments and international organizations, especially UNESCO, which is one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations which is concerned with education and culture. In Iraq, there are many reasons behind the increase of the phenomenon of extremism, some of which are political, social, and economic, and these reasons must be addressed in order for violence to be combated and peace prevails, which we need it so much at this time so that we can live like the rest of the developed countries.




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