"Strategic Doctrine and Cyber Threats Realization"


  • Dr. Muammar Muneim Sahi Al-Ammar Nahrain University / College of Political Science




-Strategic Doctrine -Cyber security -Strategic studies


Cyber security is considered one of the most important points of exposure and weakness that embarrasses the national strategy of the state, as it has become a new and widely threatening entrance, and its practice pollutes the faith and its pillars. As long as it does not exceed as an information technology management, a positive management represented by protection and security, and a negative management in terms of war, attack and crimes, and in our study we will explain The course of strategic doctrine and its awareness of cyber threats.

Strategic doctrine for states and organizations relies on recognizing and effectively addressing cyber threats. Cyber threats have increased over the past two decades with technological advancements and growing reliance on digital systems. These threats include attacks on critical infrastructure, data theft, cyber espionage, and cyber-terrorism. Recognizing these threats requires developing defensive strategies based on international cooperation, information sharing, and advancing cybersecurity technologies. Additionally, states must enhance national capabilities by training experts, raising security awareness among individuals and institutions, and updating legislation to include cybercrimes. These efforts contribute to creating a safer digital environment, thereby enhancing national security and stability and ensuring the continuity of essential services and operations.



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