Iraqi industry after 2003 "An analytical study in reality .. Obstacles .. options for advancement


  • Adnan Abd-Alamir Mahdi Al-Zubaidi College of Political Science, Tikrit University



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The industrial sector is one of the most important economic sectors in the economy of any country, whether it is developing or advanced, as it is the middle and important link between other economic sectors such as agriculture, trade, services, transportation, etc., which imposed on the decision-maker in any country to make it a priority for his economic interests to develop this sector sustainably, now and in the future.

The Iraqi industry has gone through many great challenges throughout its history, and through historical stages of development since the establishment of the Iraqi state in 1921, and because of the phenomenon of political, security and economic instability that Iraq witnessed throughout its history, its contribution to the gross domestic product was weak, and Iraq continued to suffer from a unilateral rentier economy.  decades ago.

After the occupation of Iraq in the year 2003 by the United States of America and the accompanying destructive war that included most sectors, especially the industrial infrastructure, factories and industrial facilities, which were destroyed and vandalized, which dealt a strong blow to the Iraqi industry, as well as the role of the general economic policies that were taken by the governments  Successive Iraqi companies, whether financial, monetary, tax, technical or investment, were suffering from insufficient rationality for the ambitious developmental advancement of the Iraqi industry, as the political, security, economic and social obstacles had a role in impeding the growth of this vital economic sector.



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