Building the state in Iraq: a study of challenges and building strategies


  • Asst.Prof.Dr.Yasir Ali Ibrahim Salama Al-Nahrain University / College of Political Science



State building Governmental policies Building Strategies-iraq


The concept of state building، which was widely used after the Cold War، focused on rebuilding the failed state that has become a source of threat to security، peace and stability in the world، as well as the issues of democracy، human rights، participation، and political and economic reform. These countries and help them rebuild themselves، by re-engineering these countries politically and socially، to enable them to achieve security، democracy and internal stability. The engineering of state building that emerged after the Cold War accompanied the collapse of the state in several regions of the world and its collapse entailed the emergence of threats to security Accordingly، the definitions of the state-building process varied due to the overlapping of its foundations on the one hand، and the different temporal and spatial context in which the process emerged on the other hand، but it is possible to focus on the most important theoretical definitions that focus on building the state، including what is meant by the concept of building a national state to make transformations Radical structure and restructuring of its political and economic systems.




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Asst.Prof.Dr.Yasir Ali Ibrahim Salama. (2021). Building the state in Iraq: a study of challenges and building strategies . Tikrit Journal For Political Science, 3(25), 1–20.

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